Globally there has been a movement for caring for the environment for decades. SPI encourages customers to consider the environmental impact of their supply chain decisions, as we do. Advancements in technology have paved the way for companies to reach consumers on a global basis which has resulted in the rapid erosion to some key natural resources and increased rates of global warming.

We understand the demands made on businesses to be cost effective where competition is high and intense. However, the voices of campaigners are increasingly heard, in particular children and young people are becoming active in making their views known about increasing the need for conservation of natural resources, reduce pollution and minimizing the impact of plastic waste.

Customer-focus is at the core of everything we do at SPI and we know that they care about the preferences of consumers. Together we have worked with our customers to find green solutions that support business objectives and targets.

We would like to share a number of useful resources that businesses might find helpful to address environmental issues:

  • Plastics and Sustainability: A Valuation of Environmental Benefits, Costs and Opportunities for Continuous Improvement by Trucost 2016
  • Analysis of the public consultation on the green paper “European Strategy on Plastic Waste in the Environment” Final Report 2013
  • Fourth National Climate Assessment – US Global Change Research Program – Volume II Impacts, Risks and Adaptation in the United States Report in Brief – 2018
  • State and Trends of Carbon Pricing by World Bank Group – 2014
  • Sustainability and Manufacturing – Future of Manufacturing Project: Evidence Paper 35 - 2013
  • Food and Drink Federation’s Ambition 2025: Shaping Sustainable Value Chains Progress Report 2018

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