Flexible Packaging Solutions

More companies are turning to the benefits of flexible packaging. Customizable materials of flexible packaging offer all types of design opportunities helping companies to differentiate their products on the shelf with unique, eye-catching packaging. Flexible packaging is convenient for consumers with its ease of opening and closure options. It also requires less space in all phases of transportation including in consumers pantries.

Flexible packaging products can be equipped with barrier protection for gases, moisture, dust, and even UV light. This quality of flexible packaging keeps your products fresher and extends shelf life.


Stand-up pouches have been used as an excellent replacement for traditional bag and box and other more rigid packagings. They can stand up securely on shelves, with great graphic appeal. They come equipped with convenient options such as tear notch and a variety of zip closures.

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Our Sealtite lidding films are converted to strict and tight tolerances designed with a wide sealing range to accommodate a variety of equipment and filling conditions.

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Our full-body labels provide colorful wrap-around coverage that conforms to the shape of the container making products stand out on shelves.

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Our highly sophisticated, multi-layer films are designed to meet the needs of various meat, cheese, pasta, and any fresh, shelf-ready products.

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With FFS films, we offer a variety of highly engineered materials exhibiting specific barrier and strength characteristics that will enhance the protection of your specific product.

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We offer a wide range of custom products that can be manufactured to your specifications using a variety of LDPE, LLDPE, and specialty resin blends. Our films have been designed with superior strength and puncture resistant properties to allow our customers to significantly reduce gauge and increase productivity.

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We offer a broad portfolio of innovative packaging solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs. With dynamic, high definition graphics, we can take the shelf impact of your PET care brand to the next level.

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