Swan Packaging is your business partner. We know it takes time, expertise, and resources to optimize your flexible food packaging, ensure best pricing and manage the quality that you need to create that competitive advantage in the marketplace. We collaborate with experts in manufacturing, converting, and logistics. We focus on business and manufacturing efficiencies, quality, and cost management. These shared resources and expertise on core competencies truly guarantee quality, price and service.


SPI is much more about the products we sell. Our experience and expertise ensure optimum performance and complete satisfaction.

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Swan Packaging offers convenient, portable, and functional packaging for liquid and dry soups, sauces and condiments.

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Our full body shrink sleeves capture consumers’ attention. Alternatively bottles or stand up pouches in a variety of shapes and fitments provide excellent packaging solutions.

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SPI’s packaging innovative practices play an important role in influencing the way consumers value, choose and use products. Our capabilities include adhesive and extrusion laminations in plastic, foil and paper structures.

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Our rotogravure printing capabilities bring out the vibrancy and texture of fruits, vegetable vegetables and frozen meats. Our expertise in film extrusion and lamination guarantees the right packaging for your application.

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We offer a broad portfolio of innovative packaging solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs. With dynamic, high definition graphics, we can take the shelf impact of your PET care brand to the next level.

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