SPI’s vision is to expand the horizons for quality packaging across the food sector that is durable, value for money, innovative and sustainable for the environment. Our mission is to lead, advocate, inspire and continually strive to offer the most valued packaging resources globally.

We have been working closely with our customers since 1999 to produce innovative flexible designs that enable efficient production processes. SPI understands our customers’ business needs in a global marketplace and their desire to provide consumers easy to use packaging that is hygienic, safe, practical and attractive.

The team at SPI values relationships with our customers and committed to developing positive, mutually respectful, confident and enterprising bonds. We have guided and been guided by our customers to meet the growing demands and expectations of consumers who are increasingly interested in supply chains and the impact on the environment of their everyday activities and consumption habits.

What makes us different

We are committed to ethical standards of practice in all of our undertakings. At SPI we work to exemplar quality standards and always striving for continued improvement. To that end we have cultivated a culture of best practices across our business disciplines and the practices of our partners.

SPI is committed to the environment and preserving planet Earth for future generations. We are not afraid to critically evaluate our practices on how we can meet this vitally important objective.


"The team at SPI was an integral partner in the packaging process for our latest product launch. They were organized and made the process simple and seamless."


"The SPI group is hardworking, ahead of their time, cost conscience, diligent, and honest. They always do whatever it takes, above and beyond a business relationship."


"Whenever we need help diagnosing or fixing a problem, we contact Ruth Harker, SPI tech.  She is very helpful and patient. She gets back to us right away and always has an answer."



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