Why SPI?

"Quality, price and service" is every customer's goal and every food packaging supplier's tag line. What does it mean and what is the benchmark? At Swan Packaging we believe it's our standard of excellence that sets us apart.

 At Swan Packaging, we operate with the knowledge that we must develop, procure, and service our products at a higher level of excellence than our competitors or the customers can do themselves.

Swan Packaging is your business partner. We know it takes time, expertise, and resources to optimize your flexible food packaging, ensure best pricing and manage the quality that you need to create that competitive advantage in the marketplace. We collaborate with experts in manufacturing, converting, and logistics. We focus on business and manufacturing efficiencies, quality, and cost management. These shared resources and expertise on core competencies truly guarantee quality, price and service.

The value proposition we offer our clients includes:

Business Efficiencies:

Time is money. Quick turnaround time on new projects leads to increased market share. Quality management ensures a consistent brand identity. Supplier-managed inventories lower costs and increase efficiencies. We streamline the process and the results are proven. Our comprehensive business solutions ensure that each project runs like a well-oiled machine.

Manufacturing Efficiencies:

Down time is lost money. Our partnership to the customer extends to the manufacturing line. Our knowledgeable technical staff works to increase speeds, reduce down-times and effectively trouble-shoot problems. Our comprehensive business solutions ensure that material and equipment run smoothly.


From the initial stages of new product packaging design, development and presswork, our experts are there. We are intimately involved in the pre-press process and attend all press runs. Our presence at the manufacturing plants ensures pin-point color accuracy and quality control. Our on-going quality management ensures the same eye-catching graphics with each and every package.

Customer Service:

Our value proposition is most effective with open, honest communication with our customers and an attitude towards success. We earn this position through our attention to detail and a responsiveness manner. Our passionate culture and pursuit of excellence is demonstrated in every aspect of our business.