Product Development & Engineering

We ensure the optimal packaging solutions for our customers.


Every package is unique. Our team of experts provides dynamic packaging solutions that effectively promote the product, are functional and easy to use, safe to the consumer, and promote environmental sustainability. We combine leading edge technology with innovation to bring your product to life.


Our experienced technical team can provide valuable assistance in maximizing production. Fully equipped testing labs ensure your package meets its unique characteristics and barrier needs. Technical expertise and on-going training help maximize your production.

Continuous Improvement:

We never stop competing with ourselves to improve our value to the customer. Whether it's jazzing up the package, advancing line efficiencies, or improving logistics, we keep our customers on the leading edge. Our business relationships are dynamic and fluid.


Swan Packaging, Inc. is acutely aware of our responsibilities as a provider of consumer packaging solutions and a steward of our environment. We have consistently used better performing films to reduce gauge and cost. It's just good business. Innovative packaging can dramatically promote environmental sustainability through lighter weight and recyclable materials. Green is good! We stay abreast of industry trends and work to promote sustainability.