Lidding Films

Whether your application calls for rollstock or die cut lidding films, we have a solution. At SPI, we understand the no-tolerance nature of high-speed filling and sealing equipment and the absolute necessity for excellent roll-tension for rollstock and dispensing for die cut lids. Your application may call for an easy-open or lock-up seal. Our consistent peel strength ensures customer satisfaction while our lock-up seal provides excellent moisture and oxygen barrier for demanding shelf life requirements. Swan Packaging, Inc. produces a complete line of lidding films used for sealing to a wide variety of containers and substrates. Films are available in clear, white, metallized films and PVDC coating for high barrier applications. Substrates include all plastic, foil, paper/foil laminates.

Common Uses…

Typical product uses include inner seal for dairy such as yogurt lidding, cottage cheese and sour cream packaging, margarine and butter, desserts, juices/flavored drinks, dry food and snacks, sauces, dips and dressings, high barrier, fruit cup, convenient meals.